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About Us

Leiden Learning & Innovation Centre (LLInC) started in 2023, when the Centre for Innovation (CFI) and the Higher Education division of ICLON merged.

Our team of multidisciplinary experts is here to help with all aspects of higher education training and innovation.

Our LLInC team

How we work


We co-create educational solutions with our stakeholders. This means listening to our partners and building trusting relationships: within our team, across the University, and with academic and social organisations.  


We experiment in order to forge new paths and discover fresh perspectives. Great lessons come from failure. 

With Curiosity  

We approach educational problems with an open mind: asking questions with a playful and passionate spirit, rather than jumping to conclusions. 

By Putting People First  

Our vision puts teachers and students at the heart of educational innovation. We create solutions with a human impact, and we invest energy into developing accessible, inclusive and engaging learning experiences. 

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