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International Institute of Air and Space Law


The Leiden Law School has a long research tradition in air law and, of more recent vintage, in space law.

The current Faculty research programme relevant to these areas is ‘Securing the rule of law in a world of multilevel jurisdiction’. This programme investigates three main questions:

  1. What are the characteristic forms and most prominent legal problems of multilevel jurisdiction? 
  2. What fundamental values and principles control the making and enforcement of law in multilevel jurisdictions, or ought to control the exercise of legal power? 
  3. How can the observation of these fundamental values be ensured?  

In addition to this programme, the permanent staff members contribute to the academic development of the aerospace law field through their own research. Air and space law is a specialised field, with a limited number of academic institutes world-wide capable of providing qualified legal advice on complex matters. The Institute is considered one of the key players in this area. Its staff members are often approached by governments, international organisations, private practice and industry for expert advice and consultancy.  

Since 2004, the staff of the Institute conducts research as fellows of the Graduate School of Leiden Law School. They participate in the programme Multilevel Jurisdiction/the rule of international law and economic transactions. Their research will therefore focus on the themes of the said programme.