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Institute of Anglo-American Law

About us

The board of the Institute of Anglo-American Law consists of the following members:

The objects of the foundation
- to promote the knowledge of Anglo-American law;
- to conduct and promote scientific research in the area of Anglo-American law;
- to take care of contacts between Anglo-American and Dutch lawyers and law students;
- and furthermore, everything that is directly or indirectly related to these matters or that may be conducive to them, all in the broadest sense.

The foundation tries to achieve its objects inter alia by:
- gathering and studying professional literature and documentation;
- establishing and maintaining contacts with persons and bodies that are important for the achievement of the said objects of the foundation;
- organising courses, symposiums, seminars and conferences;
- carrying out projects on the subject of Anglo-American law, both nationally and internationally.

The foundation does not aim to make a profit.

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