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French Conversation B2

Starting date
Starting level
Language of instruction

Classroom course

This is a traditional classroom course. The teacher and students are present in the physical classroom at the Leiden location.

Course description

The French Conversation B2 course is intended for participants who have taken the French 7 or French 8 course or have a comparable level (B2). 
From the beginning, communication in class is conducted entirely in French. 

In this course, speaking skills are practised on the basis of articles from newspapers and magazines. The following topics are covered: society, art, literature, politics and economy. In the lessons, the topics highlighted in the articles are discussed. Attention is paid to pronunciation, expanding vocabulary and, if necessary, grammar. The course aims to enable the student to express himself fluently and adequately in French.

After following this course you will be able to understand sentences and frequently used expressions related to matters of immediate interest. You can communicate in simple and routine tasks requiring a simple and direct exchange of views on familiar and everyday matters. They can describe in simple terms aspects of their own background, immediate environment and matters of immediate concern.

The course uses the digital learning environment Brightspace. Within this learning environment you will find the homework and additional learning material. Course participants are expected to prepare the lessons at home.

Course material

The course material will be provided by the teacher.

Target group and admission requirements

This course is intended for highly educated adults, both students and staff members of Leiden University, as well as interested parties with no affiliation with Leiden University.

The French Conversation B2 course is intended for participants who have taken the French 7 or French 8 course or have a comparable level (B2). Other participants should complete an entry test to determine whether their level is appropriate. This test is a computer test. You can do the test at the Language Centre, or you can download the test and do it at home.

Other information

  • The minimum number of participants for this course is 7, the maximum 18.
  • The course load is  hours. On request a Course load declaration form can be issued. The student should enquire with their department whether course participation can be converted into credits.
  • The holiday periods can be found in the Academic Language Centre's academic calendar.
  • If classes are cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, they will be added on to the end of the course. Please take into account courses may end later than scheduled.
  • The course level is indicated with the help of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
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