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Legal English for Bachelor students

Language of instruction
5 ECTS, level 300
Number of participants
Max. 24

Course description

The course aims to improve the English language skills within a legal context. Participants learn to read and understand legal texts such as articles and legal correspondence. Also, they will practise their writing skills by writing a summary, case brief or essay. Speaking skills will be practiced through (group) discussions, presentations, interviews and role plays. At the end of the course students will be able to describe the Dutch legal system in broad outline.

The legal terminology of this course focuses on various areas of law.

Course objectives

  • Listening: students acquire the skills needed to attend Law lectures and seminars where English is spoken.
  • Reading : students have developed skills in reading authentic, academic legal texts; they are able to apply different reading techniques.
  • Speaking: students are able to participate in class discussions and give short oral presentations on legal topics; they are also able to describe the Dutch legal system in broad outline.
  • Writing : students are able to write summaries, case briefs and essays on a legal topics in grammatically and stylistically correct English.


Reading list

  • Amy Krois-Lindler & Matt Firth, Introduction to International Legal English: A course for classroom or self-study use (2008), Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, ISBN 9780521718998.
  • Brown, G. and Sally Rice, Professional English in Use: Law (Edition with answers), Cambridge University Press, 2007. ISBN 9783125395831.
  • Foster, T. Dutch Legal Terminology in English, Kluwer (preferably latest edition) (recommended, not compulsory).
  • Oxford Dictionary of Law (8th revised edition), Oxford University Press. ISBN 978-0-199-66492-4.

The course material is not included in the registration fee. Course participants are required to purchase course materials themselves.

Target group and admission requirements

The course is an optional course and open only to students who have completed at least five of the following seven courses of the BA-2 and BA-3 law degree programme: 

  • verbintenissenrecht
  • goederenrecht
  • onderneming en recht
  • staatsrecht
  • bestuursrecht
  • materieel strafrecht
  • strafprocesrecht

Participants are expected to have English language skills comparable to VWO level, or at B2 level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. For more information, please contact the Academic Language Centre. 


You can register for the course in the next semester from November by filling out the online Registration Form.

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