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Mind the gap!

Academic English for prospective students

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Course description

This course is set up specifically for students who have finished secondary school year 6 this spring. This course aims to ‘bridge the gap’ between secondary school and University. This course aims to teach students the language used at university, and how it differs from the language used in Netflix or Instagram. In addition, students will work on the register, or level of formality that is required in an academic setting.

To achieve this, students will look at how to build their repertoire of vocabulary in English. Then, from word level, students will look at how to build academic sentence and paragraph structure to express their thoughts and ideas. Sessions will also help students to write with clarity and to avoid Dutchisms in their university work.

The final assessment of this course is a VLOG on an aspect of the course and/or what they have learnt to date. At the end of the course, students will have assembled a toolbox with useful materials for their university study. This course includes peer feedback and overall teacher feedback in video sessions.

Learning Objectives

  • Students consolidate and build vocabulary knowledge
  • Students analyse and use complex sentence structure
  • Students are able to start to build academic paragraphs
  • Students are able to consider flow in their writing
  • Students can write an introduction for an essay
  • Students present a short VLOG on one or all of the topics

Target group and admission requirements

This course is welcome to all students in the Netherlands who aim to start university study in September. Active participation in the course is the only prerequisite as you will need to comment on your peers’ assignments. You will also have a weekly active session with your course tutor. Students are expected to have completed their Dutch leaving school English certification with minimum of a pass.  

Other information

  • Enrolment is on a first come first serve basis
  • The cost of the course is 145 Euros, or bring a friend and pay €125 with our Early Bird Registration
  • Students will contribute to a positive online learning environment with constructive criticism
  • Student concerns and questions will be answered by the subject tutor in weekly feedback videos
  • Students can expect a work load of 3-4 hours a week for the course

Patrick Kiely

Patrick Kiely was born and raised in London. He studied linguistics and education at The University of Cambridge and La Sorbonne in Paris. He later specialised in Applied Linguistics at University College London and conducted research into the language skills of Dutch and non-native speakers of English.

Patrick has worked for a number of British, French and Dutch universities. He currently lectures at Leiden university in language and designed the Mind the Gap course with Head Of English, Philomeen Dol. Patrick loves kayaking, cycling and bitterballen.

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