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Teacher Professional Development in Higher Education

Training and coaching

Our range of training and coaching programmes

For lecturers (who are or are not obliged to get a BKO- certificate) from Leiden University and other higher education institutes, we offer different types of training programs, ranging from one-hour sessions to training courses consisting of multiple daytime sessions.

We can offer tailor-made workshops or training courses suitable for your department or faculty.

The purpose of our courses is to support (in)experienced lecturers and other educators in providing good education. In our supporting and advising task we use insights derived from scientific research about education and learning.
We aim to answer all questions, whether they are simple or complex. We take into account your individual needs and the daily practice of lecturing.

BKO (UTQ) modules

All our 5 BKO modules link to the University Teaching Qualification (BKO) final attainment levels; unfortunately it is not possible to obtain a BKO certification from ICLON.
In Leiden, the process of obtaining your BKO certification is organized per faculty. Please contact your faculty BKO coordinator for more information. In consultation with your faculty/programme, it can be determined which ICLON course certificates fit with your certification process.

We consider the five BKO modules to be a coherent program. Because we offer the possibility to attend the modules separately, the content of each module forms an independent unit. This means that a few didactic basic concepts are discussed in several modules. For each module, the trainer will adjust to the knowledge level of the group.

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