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Higher Education Development

Time management research

A timetable provides students with both guidance and stimulation. We can investigate in a number of ways whether your timetable stimulates your students effectively. We can also invite the students to analyse the effectiveness of their study approach themselves.

Every course corresponds to a number of study load hours (studielasturen, SLU). Jointly, these SLUs form the students’ total study load per block, trimester, semester or academic year. Experience has shown that the distribution of the SLUs across the courses does not always match reality: some courses are lighter than estimated, while others are heavier. This means that the study load is not always evenly distributed. And this can in turn have consequences for the feasibility of the programme.

Using the students’ time management data we map how hard students are really required to work. This provides useful information on how to organise your teaching.

Timetable research

  • How many contact opportunities do students have per week?
  • What are students supposed to do to prepare for these contact opportunities?
  • Are students given feedback on their preparation during the contact opportunities?

We analyse the effectiveness of your timetable on the basis of research into optimal study load distribution. We also advise you on potential modifications to the timetable.

Digital study planner for students

Predictions regarding the chances of passing an examination? Advice regarding a more effective study rhythm? This is what the study planner for students has to offer. Together with the Computer Science department, we have developed an instrument which helps students stay on track. This instrument is based on extensive research into the students’ time management and success rate.

For more information or a non-binding consultation: dr. R.M. (Roeland) van der Rijst

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