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Higher Education Development

Evaluation service

Creating and processing written standard evaluations.

We can use your survey to create a form and we can then process these forms once they have been completed. We offer a standard report and also a more extensive report for an additional fee. For each question, the results are reported in the form of a table. For questions with a five-point scale, we present the main figures in the form of a graph.



Rates 2018

Creating form (template) per page

€ 34.50

Adjusting form (template) per page

€ 17.25

Two-sided copy

€ 00.11

Costs of equipment

€ 00.26

Processing per form

€ 00.64*

* Within the university these costs are processed internally, in accordance with the annual agreements with the faculties.

Electronic evaluation/internet surveys

The field of education is increasingly relying on Internet, for instance via electronic learning environments. We can also evaluate your course electronically. A substantial advantage of doing it in this way is that you will no longer have to type in the answers, not even to open questions. 

Electronic evaluations also carry some risks, such as the risk of a low response percentage. The advantages and disadvantages should be assessed in every individual case. Wherever possible, we also provide you with a standard report for internet surveys, and a more extensive report at an additional fee.

Advice on course evaluations

Which questions should you include in your survey in order to obtain the information you seek? We can advise you on how to create surveys.

More information

ms K. (Kirsten) Ran (automatic processing)

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