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Teacher Professional Development in Higher Education

Activating teaching methods

Revising your curriculum and writing course guides and block/module guides

Why revise a curriculum?

Before planning a revision, it is important to make an analysis of the current situation and needs. This will provide you with a clearer picture of the desired outcome of the revision. This kind of analysis is based on the results of surveys and interviews with students, lecturers and educational managers. 

Plans formulated by the faculty or university focused on revising your curriculum, might relate to

  • improving study performance and success;
  • internationalisation;
  • effective use of ICT; 
  • the interconnectedness of research and education;
  • activating teaching;
  • or the latest developments in the field.

How to approach a curriculum revision

The analysis phase might result in a decision to adjust some  study components or the entire curriculum.

If a far-reaching revision is required, you will have to define a revision project, create a project plan and schedule and formulate a communication plan. 
The definition phase includes choosing a working method. In this context, lecturers play a key role. They are responsible for implementing the revision, developing new materials and putting the new teaching methods into practice.

In this process of revision, ICLON can be your sparring partner, project manager, project researcher or course designer

More information

dr. M.J.J.M. (Maarten) van de Ven

A course guide provides students with information on a given course or study component. Such a guide should include information regarding required prior knowledge and the learning objectives of the relevant course. It should also contain practical information on the dates and locations of the lectures and the examination.

Block guides

Even more so than a course guide, a block or module guide should form the central thread of the course learning process. This is where students can find self-study and workgroup assignments, (some of the) learning materials, practice examinations, etc. Self-study is incredibly important for study performance. Time on task is an important predictor of study performance. It is therefore important to create suitable assignments to challenge students to self-study, as a preparation for the contact hours. 

ICLON advises you to develop sound course guides and block/module guides.

More information

dr. C.C. (Sylvia) Vink

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