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Evaluation and test service for higher education

Creating and processing written standard evaluations and automatic processing of written examinations

In this Covid-19 period too, study programs will want to evaluate their education, whether or not adapted. You can do that online!
New applications will be made digitally for the time being. If you need paper evaluation forms, this is of course also possible, but given our limited presence in the workplace, consultation about this is recommended.

After we have created a digital evaluation form, we will send you a link by e-mail for the evaluation of the course in question. This link can then be distributed by the applicant (or teacher, coordinator, et cetera) to the students concerned. We recommend that you strongly encourage students to fill in the evaluation(s). We have the experience that the response to digital evaluations is usually much lower than to those on paper.

For questions about evaluations, please contact Kirsten Ran (ran@iclon.leidenuniv.nl) or your usual contact person, preferably by e-mail:

As mentioned, multiple choice exams taken on paper, using scratch cards ('schrapkaarten'), can for the time being only be processed by appointment. We mainly work from home according to university guidelines, but can, if necessary, come to ICLON to read in scratch cards using the required scanning equipment.
In order to keep our presence in the workplace as limited as possible, we ask you to make an appointment with Eva van Leeuwen, iclontentamen@iclon.leidenuniv.nl, to bring and collect scratch cards.

For courses that have been testing online for some time (e.g. with Remindo) and have their test results processed by us, nothing will change.

In the near future, more study programs will probably start using digital testing programs. Whether ICLON can play a role in the automated analysis depends, among other things, on the type of test.
We do our best to respond to the current situation as well as possible.

For questions about the test and exam service, please email Eva van Leeuwen and Kirsten Ran:: iclontentamen@iclon.leidenuniv.nl

General information about our services

We can create your surveys on a form. Once completed, the forms will be processed by us. We provide a standard report and, for an additional fee, more extensive reports. The data is reported graphically in PDF.

Rates regular* (course) evaluations 2021

Evaluations on paper



Generation of standard questionnaire


Creation of a complex (custom) questionnaire    


Two-sided copy


Processing (equipment/maintenance) per sheet


Standard report


Extra report or sub-report: per (sub) report €5
Administration/communication €10

Digital evaluations



Generation of standard questionnaire


Creation of a complex (custom) questionnaire    


Processing (equipment/maintenance) per respondent


Standard report


Extra report or sub-report: per (sub) report


Administration/communication €10

*For the design of completely new and/or one-off questionnaires rates are charged on an hourly basis.

Advice on course evaluations

Which questions should you include in your survey in order to obtain the information you seek? We can advise you on how to create surveys.

More information

ms K. (Kirsten) Ran (automatic processing)

You can have your written exams processed by us. We provide fill-in forms (scratch forms, 'schrapkaarten') for students. These forms are suitable for multiple choice and true/false questions, but also - under certain conditions - for open questions. We provide the following services:

  • Reading the examination data
  • Statistical processing
  • Scores
  • Grading

You can also deliver the examination data to us digitally (in the form of a text or excel file). 

Rates 2021

Exam form per sheet €0,13
Equipment costs €0,26 
Processing per form/student €0,64* 

* Within the university these costs are processed internally.

Support and advice in digital testing

Tests consisting of open and closed questions can be run via computer software. We can provide you with information and advice regarding this type of software. 
We can also offer you advice on testing options within electronic learning environments such as Brightspace, and on how to publish your written (practice) tests on the Internet.

More information

ms K. (Kirsten) Ran and ms. E. (Eva) van Leeuwen

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