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Ius Promovendi

Since February 2018 the Leiden University PhD Regulation includes the possibility for senior lecturers (UHD's) to have ius promovendi: the right to award a PhD. They can request permission for this from the Doctorate Board via the Dean of their respective faculty.

The rule on this policy can be found in appendix E of the PhD Regulation. For a clear overview of who can be appointed as promotor see the scheme ‘ius promovendi’ (pdf file) on the right side of this page.

The Doctorate Board will grant ius promovendi to a senior lecturer on the substantiated recommendation of the Dean of the relevant faculty, who has established that the UHD satisfies the criteria stated below, and has consulted with a full professor in the relevant discipline.

An UHD will usually only be eligible for ius promovendi if he/she has supervised at least three PhD candidates to a successful PhD defence at a Dutch university or in similar supervisory pathways at non-Dutch universities, and has independently acquired the funds that financed the PhD candidates or has personally recruited the self-funded or external PhD candidates.

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