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Limin Teh

University Lecturer Humanities Faculty


GIS mapping, data visualization

Current Projects

My current digital humanities project, Infrastructure of Empire and War, investigates the role of industrial infrastructure in Northeast China in shaping the events and outcome of the Chinese Civil War (1946-1950). It uses GIS to map out the spatial distribution of industrial infrastructure and military campaigns, and to analyze the spatial correlation between these two variables. It aims to obtain a nuanced picture of the material conditions shaping the unfolding of this military event.


Limin Teh is a historian of twentieth century China, with special focus on Japanese colonization of Northeast China. Limin has used mapping tools like Google Maps and QGIS to analyze spatial patterns of labor migration and urban change. Before becoming a historian, Limin worked on a digital imaging project related to the Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes.

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