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Leiden University Centre for Digital Humanities

Akhmad Rizal Shidiq

University Lecturer Humanities Faculty


Machine learning, text mining, econometrics

Current Projects

I plan to develop a proof of concept for the long-run effect of government policy on ethnic-based inequalities. My specific research question is: Does Dutch colonial redistributive policy affect ethnic-based economic inequalities in contemporary Indonesia? My proposed research shares micro-level approach with standard analysis on inequalities but differs from the existing literature in the following way. First, it takes a long-run perspective back to the Dutch colonial administration days and, if feasible, even longer in the past. Second, it explicitly estimates the causal effects of redistributive policy on between-ethnics inequalities. Third, the focus is not only on the one-time effect but also on its persistence and durability. Fourth, it will generate and use a new digitized modern-standard dataset from old administrative records, in addition to present-day socio-economic and geographic information system (GIS) data, for the analysis.


Economist by training with primary fields in development economics and monetary theory, and secondary field public choice. Extensive research experience especially in development microeconometrics, political economy, and trade. Conducted field researches and large-survey analysis in South and Southeast Asia countries.

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