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Leiden University Centre for Digital Humanities

Maria del Carmen Parafita Couto

University Lecturer Humanities Faculty


Corpus linguistics, conversational corpora, multilingual corpora, autoglossing tools

Current Project

- Code-switching patterns in different multilingual conversational corpora (Spanish-English in different communities, Papiamento-Dutch, Welsh-English)
- The Leiden Learner Corpus


Maria Carmen Parafita Couto studies the impact of bilingualism and language contact on language structure, mostly the syntax of code-switching. She was part of the BangorTalk team (http://bangortalk.org.uk/) that assembled conversational corpora of three bilingual populations (Welsh-English in Wales, Welsh-Spanish in Patagonia, and Spanish-English in Miami). She is also one of the researchers behind the Leiden Learner Corpus (http://hum.leiden.edu/lucl/llc).

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