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Mees Gelein

BA student Greek and Latin Language and Culture (soon to be MA student Media & Technology)

Areas of interest

Text mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence, python programming, java programming, javascript programming, php programming, text comparison, data visualization, data architecture, SQL database structure, user experience.

Current projects

I’m currently working on a plugin for MARKUS that will compare texts and corpora in text in the browser environment that is provided by MARKUS. This module will be called COMPARATIVUS. Furthermore I’m doing some of the necessary maintenance and bug-fixing on MARKUS. As a Classics student I’m involved with a research project on the Ancient Greek philosopher Protagoras as the lead programmer and data architect and I will be attending a summer school for the Homer Multitext project both as a participant and a researcher.



As a Classics student Mees got involved with DH through a research project on the ancient Greek philosopher Protagoras. His previous experience creating websites and software allowed him to become a student member of the research team responsible for data architecture and in a later stage also the lead programmer and designer of all tools. Dr. De Weerdt attended a presentation on this project and asked him to help the development of MARKUS where he is currently developing a new text comparison module called COMPARATIVUS for the website.



MARKUS: http://dh.chinese-empires.eu/beta/

personal website under construction

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