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Affiliates of the Leiden University Centre for Digital Humanities (page currently under construction)

The Centre acts as a locus of information for digital humanities in all fields at Leiden University. This is an ever expanding list of scholars and students working on digital projects at the university. If you are interested in affiliating with the Centre, please fill in this form


Dr. Sjef Barbiers, Leiden University Centre for Linguistics

comparative syntax, parallel corpora, data search and mining in linguistic databases, digital research infrastructure for linguistics

Dr. C.L.J.M. (Crit) Cremers, Leiden University Centre for Linguistics

computational linguistics, computational semantics, computational grammar, categorial grammar, formal syntax, formal semantics,  formal logic, language modeling, computational modeling of language acquisition, logic programing

Dr. Susanna de Beer, Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society

relational databases, visualization, deep reading, interoperability, digital heritage, geographical annotation, digital text resources, intertextuality

Mees Gelein

Text mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence, python programming, java programming, javascript programming, php programming, text comparison, data visualization, data architecture, SQL database structure, user experience.

Dr. Renee Hagesteijn, KITLV

Comparative corpus analysis; multi-user Microsoft ‘.net’ software; to be extended or complemented with tools for character recognition and text mining.

Dr. Victoria Nyst, Leiden University Centre for Linguistics

descriptive linguistics, African signlanguages, gesture-sign language interface, linguistic inconicity, the linguistics of size and shape

Léon Rodenburg, Leiden University Institute for Area Studies, ECOLe

Data exchange, web API’s, deep learning, corpus linguistics, online learning & teaching

Fresco Sam-Sin, Leiden University Institute for Area Studies

text mining, corpus linguistics, data visualizations, digital paleography

Dr. Florian Schneider, Leiden University Institute for Area Studies

Network analysis, visual analysis, visualization, interface analysis, social media, hyperlinks, digital epistemology

Dr. Jonathan Silk, Leiden University Institute for Area Studies, Centre for the Study of Religions

Buddhist scripture editions; databases; collation (manual and automatic, machine learning) of Buddhist scriptural corpora

Dr. Tazuko van Berkel, Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society 

digital editions

Dr. Marlein van Raalte, Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society

digital editions

Dr. Kathryn Wellen, KITLV

data visualization, network analysis

Dr. Eliza Steinbock, Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society

Digital activism, digital outreach, information society, digital privacy and bullying, interactive social and educational tools, surveillance and big data, community driven hackathons and tech entrepreneurship, hashtag activism and folksonomy, media ethics

Dr. Niels Schiller. Leiden University Centre for Linguistics, Leiden Institute for Brain and Cognition

Experimental linguistics, multilingualism, phonological and morphological encoding in speech production, language processing in neurologically impaired patients, articulatory-motor processes during speech production, and forensic phonetics

Dr. Karsten Lambers. Faculty of Archaeology

Digital image analysis, machine learning, spatial analysis, 3D modelling

Dr. Sybille Lammes

Digital media, digital culture, digital play, computer-games

Dr. Liesbeth Claes

GIS, SQL, data management, relational databases, cartography and spatial analysis

Dr. Budhaditya Chattopadhyay

Sound Studies, Digital Media, Media Art History, Digital Aesthetics, AR/VR, Data Visualization

Dr. Maria del Carmen Parafita Couto

Corpus linguistics, conversational corpora, multilingual corpora, autoglossing tools

Sander Stolk

Historical thesauri, Semantic Web, Linked Data

Nicole van Os

Text mining, OCR of handwritten texts in multiple languages

Martin Kroon

Natural language processing, text mining, machine learning, Python, corpus linguistics

Dr. Lotte Fikkers

X-ray tomography; network analysis

Nira Wickramasinghe

Identity politics, colonialism

Manolis Fragkiadakis

Corpus linguistics, machine learning, computer vision

Limin Teh

GIS mapping, data visualization

Rizal Shidiq

Machine learning, text mining, econometrics

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