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Alternative housing

Construction of the new Humanities Campus has serious consequences for the residents of the Doelensteeg housing complex, owned by the De Sleutels housing association. It will be necessary to demolish 58 housing units. Leiden City Council and the University are doing their best to develop attractive alternative residential locations in conjunction with the housing association.

Leiden City Council instructed its housing department to look for alternative residential locations within Leiden’s ring of canals (city centre), and several possible locations for development have now been found. Two of them – Langegracht (Stadsbouwhuis location) and Kaiserstraat (Plexus location) – are situated in the city centre, while Paviusstraat (next to the Poortgebouw building) is situated outside the ring of canals. The illustration above is an impression of Kaiserstraat (Plexus location).

It is important to the City Council and the University that good alternative housing is provided, which meets the residents’ requirements. They aim to work closely with De Sleutels, so that suitable housing can be offered to the Doelencomplex residents. The University and the City Council will do everything in their power to ensure that the residents can move to the new housing of their choice directly, without the need for any interim accommodation.

A Social Plan will be produced by De Sleutels, containing the collective rules that must be met by any offer to the residents. Specific attention will be given to a careful relocation process and ways to alleviate any difficulties faced by the residents.

Supporting residents

The City Council and Leiden University want to fulfil the residents’ wishes as far as possible in further elaborating the relocation plan, together with De Sleutels; for example, by offering help with moving or making any necessary alterations in the new housing.

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