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Honours Academy


The Honours Academy organises extracurricular education for students at secondary school (vwo), bachelor's and master's level, in order to help them develop academically and societally. There are various ways students can get help during their honours education.

Student website

On the student website, students find information about studying at Leiden University. The student website also provides them with important information about the Honours Academy programmes, such as an overview of their content, structure and application deadlines. 


The Assessor represents the interests of all honours students as a member of the board of the Honours Academy. The Assessor has a say in the development of policies and draws the Dean and the Educational Director's attention to the students' perspectives. Students are invited and encouraged to contact the Assessor with any questions, suggestions or ideas related to their honours education. 


The Honours Academy aims to enable students to bring out the best in themselves, both on and off campus. This is why student well-being is one of our top priorities. Besides the Assessor, students can turn to various university employees for support, including psychologists, confidential counsellors and the ombuds officer. Here, anything can be discussed confidentially, including complaints

Honours Community

The honours community consists of and is intended for all honours students. A couple of programs have their own study association. There is PREunion for PRE-University College students and alumni, and JHV Themis for students of the Honours College Law. Students who are considering establishing an honours study association are advised to contact the Assessor of the Honours Academy.

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