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International Leiden Leadership Programme

Application and Selection

Master's students from Leiden University, Delft University of Technology and Erasmus University Rotterdam are welcome to apply. Applications for 2021-2022 will open in October 2021. The deadline for submitting complete applications is 15 November 2021. The ILLP starts in February 2022. There are no possibilities to join at a later date.

Selection criteria

  • The candidate must be enrolled in a master’s programme or an advanced master’s programme at Leiden University, Delft University of Technology or Erasmus University Rotterdam;
  • The candidate is motivated to attend an intensive extracurricular programme alongside their master’s programme and has the opportunity to do so;
  • The candidate is highly motivated to reflect on self-development;
  • The candidate is interested in learning about leadership and their personal leadership style;
  • The candidate wants to experiment with different (leadership) skills.

Application and Deadlines

Applications are now open. To apply for the ILLP, upload the online Application Form together with a: 

  • Curriculum vitae (preferably in pdf format). We would like you to give an extensive overview (2 pages) of your extracurricular activities in different contexts, especially those that include interpersonal interaction. This could include for example weekend jobs, committees, internships, responsibilities of care, international experiences and/or volunteer work, as well as your previous education;
  • Transcript of your previous (bachelor's) grades (preferably in pdf format);
  • Motivation letter (download this document, answer the questions and save it as a pdf). 

If you do not have digital copies of your attachments, please scan and e-mail them (leadership@ha.leidenuniv.nl) or post them in duplicate (so that they arrive before the submission deadline) to the following address: 
Honours Academy 
PO box 331  
Oude Sterrewacht 
Sterrenwachtlaan 11 
2300 AH  Leiden

Once all documents have been uploaded, your application will be considered. The deadline for submitting the application form and attachments is 15 November 2021. Please note that incomplete applications will not be considered.


All candidates will be contacted regarding their application before the 2nd of December. A selection committee will review all applications and invite suitable candidates for a short online interview on 7, 8 or 9 December. 


Admission is based on evaluation of the application documents and the candidate interview. Before the Christmas holidays begin, you will be notified whether you are admitted to the ILLP. In January, before starting the programme, you will have to pay the commitment fee of 200 euros. Late January or early February, you will be invited to the introduction seminar in which more information about the programme will be provided, such as the course schedule.

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