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Honours Academy

Student At Your Desk

University teaching staff are eager to supplement their lectures with digital resources and sometimes feel the need for accessible assistance. Student At Your Desk brings students and teaching staff into contact for precisely this purpose.

The Honours Academy has appointed a team of student assistants for each faculty, and teaching staff can contact them to ask for (digital) assistance with their education, or to brainstorm with them about new ideas. The most important aspect is that teaching staff and students interact with each other on the basis of equality.

Students participating in Student At Your Desk (StudentAYDs) work together with teaching staff on:

  • assisting with Powerpoint, Prezi, Pecha Kucha, Blackboard;
  • finding video clips or other digital material and preparing it for use in the education;
  • devising mindmaps or diagrams that can be useful for the education; 
  • giving feedback on education or organising input of this kind;
  • helping with research that is relevant for the education.

Faculty teams

For each faculty is a group of students available with a wide range of expertises. More information about this groups is available in dutch.

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