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GTGC lunch seminar: Santino Regilme on Global Drug Wars

Monday 6 March 2023

The Hague

Research feedback seminar

On 6 March 2023, Santino Regilme will present his work-in-progress titled  'Global Drug Wars: Contested Normative Orders of Peace, Security, and Human Rights'.

If the battle against illegal drugs is construed as a war, how is victory in such a war defined and constructed? If the oppositional concept of violence is peace, then how is peace attained in a society besieged by illegal drugs? Which competing normative orders constitute distinctive policy approaches towards illegal drugs? How are drug wars justified by their perpetrators within and beyond the state apparatus? This book project focuses on why state leaders and societal elites in constitutional liberal democracies invoke morally appealing and seemingly anti-violence concepts despite widespread state violence in the context of global drug wars. The comparative case study includes a wide range of militaristic and less militaristic approaches: the US, the Philippines, and Colombia as primary cases; and Germany, Netherlands, and Portugal as secondary cases. 

All are welcome to attend the seminar at 13:00-14:00 in room 4.78. Free lunch will be provided if you email your attendance to gtgc@leidenuniv.nl.  

In case you would like to join this session remotely, please make use of the following Zoom link:  https://universiteitleiden.zoom.us/j/61702826650?pwd=NWNPbmJ1SEpqT2syZGlUQVNveDFDUT09

We hope to welcome you! 

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