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In this section you can find all the necessary information for you to create sustainable events, travel responsibly and how to green your Honours College.

How-to make your event more sustainable

Are you, or is an organisation you know, organising an event? No matter the size of the event, it can have an environmental impact. By introducing some simple sustainability measures, you can minimize the environmental impact and spread awareness on sustainability practices. Have a look at our guide on how to make events more sustainable: HOW TO #1 organize a sustainable event.

How-to travel more sustainably

Travelling is a much debated topic when it comes down to its sustainability. Therefore, we have put some tips together on how to travel more sustainably. You can choose which option suits your situation best:  HOW TO #2 Travel more sustainably

How-to make your Honours College more sustainable

Being part of the Honours College is a great experience! If you want to have an impact on the sustainability of your program, here are our tips: HOW TO #3 Make HC more sustainable

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