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In the afternoon of Thursday 15th October, practitioners will remotely join the conference 'Leadership in progress: Science meets Practice'.

Leadership in Progress: Science meets Practice

Practitioners and students will join the conference 'Leadership in progress: Science meets Practice'.


Nowadays, public leaders operate in a dynamic and complex operating environment. Operating effectively requires public leaders to master and display a variety of sometimes competing roles, values, and skills. In this session, the convenors will share their views and insights about the state and future of public leadership and how public sectors have to recruit, develop, and train (future) public leaders.

Why do some governments perform so much better than others? Can we identify magic bullets? To what extent can we transfer public management lessons from one region to another? For over 15 years, Zeger van der Wal has been passionately pursuing these questions in his research, teaching, and consulting activities.

Prof. Zeger van der Wal and Mark Frequin will give this seminar.
Zeger van der Wal is Ien Dales professor at the institute of Public Administration at Leiden University and is simultaneously connected to the National University of Singapore. In addition, Zeger works as an independent adviser in the field of public administration and is an expert on global public management. He focuses on the roles, values, and competences of public managers in a changing working environment with special attention to administrative craftsmanship and the importance of core values and integrity.


During this 60-minute PUPOL session, René, Rune and Lara will share their thoughts on current leadership challenges and the MAD (Making A Difference) leadership philosophy. They will also introduce the well-tested PLC framework (Public Leadership Challenge) for you to take away and utilise in your own way.

Prof. Rune Todnem By, René de Jong and Lara van Osch will organise this workshop.
Rune Todnem By is Professor of Leadership at University of Stavanger Business School (Norway), editor-in-chief of Journal of Change Management, and leadership firesoul at PeoplewithE.

Having established the EPICally MAD leadership philosophy Rune is keen on working with others on establishing leadership as a verb – something we do rather than something we are – as an important step towards finding and implementing solutions to many of the challenges we are currently facing in society (e.g. sustainability, health, education). View Rune’s 2019 TEDx Stavanger contribution.

René de Jong is chairman of the Public Leadership Foundation. he works to promote and develop the new kind of leadership our society needs today. He shifts the focus from leaders at a formal leadership position, to leadership defined as an action or even a responsibility we all have to make a difference in the public sphere.

Lara van Osch is a PhD candidate within the program 'Furthering Public Leadership' at the Leiden Leadership Centre, and a board member of the Public Leadership Foundation. Lara strives to strengthen a sense of responsibility to contribute to a better world, and to facilitate an ongoing energizing and encouraging learning process. What can leadership do to take care of the public? 

Following a crisis, questions are often raised how and why this crisis could have happened. More often than not, these questions will result in a blame game, where actors are trying to survive the political fallout. Some actors are able to survive this blame game whereas others do not. They either resign or are fired.

This workshop is aimed at those who want to understand how the accountability process following crises works. The workshop consists of a presentation followed by discussion. During the presentation, the following questions will be answered:
•    Who will get blamed and why?
•    How much blame will this person receive and why?
•    How can one respond to blame? 
•    Why do these blame responses not always work?

This workshop will be live streamed for our participants, but will not be recorded. Therefore, it is not possible to watch it afterwards. This workshop is only for practitioners and academics. Students are welcome at the workshop about 'are you MAD enough'?. 

Sandra Resodihardjo is an assistant professor in Public Administration at Radboud University. She is an editorial board member of Risk, Hazards & Crisis in Public Policy. Her research focuses on crises management, particularly accountability following crises (i.e., blame games), resilience, and crisis networks. She recently published Crises, Inquiries and the Politics of Blame (Palgrave Macmillan).

Dr. Sandra Resodihardjo
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