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When after four years or more, you have finished your dissertation, it is time to prepare for the defense procedure.

Preparing for the defense ceremony

To start the defense procedure, you need to fill out several forms (nrs. 3-9) before the ceremony.

The entire procedure leading up to the defence has been extensively described. For a description in Dutch you can download the Procedure document. For more information and questions about the preparation for the PhD defence, please contact the  Graduate School Office.

After your PhD

PhD candidates are encouraged to start thinking about job prospects well before the defence of their thesis. Many PhD graduates find employment in an academic or semi-academic environment. The majority of them successfully ventures on a career in education, administration, heritage, journalism, or business. A considerable number of them manages to gain a temporary postdoctoral position. 

The post-PhD phase is discussed during the many formal and informal meetings PhD candidates have with their supervisor. For PhD candidates in their last year a special two day course is available at Leiden University, offering insight into career possibilities: the  Job Orientation for PhDs course. The Career Service of the Faculty of Governance & Global Affairs can also help you orient on job prospects.

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