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Governance and Global Affairs


The faculty collaborates with several partners in The Hague. Below you will find an overview of our partners.

Cyber Security Academy The Hague (CSA)

Leiden University, Delft University of Technology and The Hague University of Applied Sciences have combined their knowledge and expertise in education for professionals in the field of cyber security. They work together in the  Cyber Security Academy The Hague (CSA).

The CSA stimulates, initiates, and supervises the development and implementation of innovative Master’s degree programmes as well as several shorter courses and tailored tracks in the field of cyber security. The Cyber Security Academy unites scholars, lecturers and experts from private and public sectors. They translate issues on cyber security into a varied range of multidisciplinary learning tracks for highly educated professionals.

Montesquieu Institute

The Montesquieu Institute (MI) for the study of European comparative parliamentary history and European constitutional developments began offering programmes in research and education in 2008: a Masterclass, thesis- en and article competitions, series of lecture, and a conference. The institute is meant for students and other specific target groups, such as members of parliament, politicians in general, civil servants, lecturers, journalists, administrators and lobbyists. 

The MI cooperates with academic institutions throughout Europe in the fields of research and education in parliamentary history, political culture and political affairs and developments in EU-member states and the European Union. The Montesquieu Institute is an initiative of:

  • Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs, Leiden University
  • The Department of Public Law of the Faculty of Law, Maastricht University
  • The Centre for Parliamentary History (CPG), Radboud University Nijmegen
  • The Documentation Centre for Dutch Political Parties (DNPP), University of Groningen
  • The Parliamentary Documentation Centre (PDC), Leiden University

The Montesquieu Institute is located at the Lange Voorhout in The Hague, near the Binnenhof (the seat of the Dutch Parliament). Most of the MI activities in The Hague, in particular those in the field of education, are offered at one of the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs locations. Faculty researchers and student-assistants are seconded to the Montesquieu Institute. 

For more information please visit the Montesquieu Institute website.

Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce is a partner of the Dual PhD Centre of the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs. The Dual PhD Centre connects the dynamic aspect of professional practice to the academic world. The Centre contributes through academic research to advancing the regional economic agenda "Tempo in de Topregio" of the Chamber of Commerce. Dual promotion tracks , monthly network meetings Scholarship and Market, and other initiatives result in innovation projects to strengthen the region’s economic capabilities. More information on the cooperation of the Chamber of Commerce and regional companies can be found on the Dual PhD Centre site, under partners.

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