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We believe there is a need for a bold and decisive move in public management development and leadership learning in Europe. There is a demand for a robust programme which crosses national, cultural and disciplinary boundaries and creates deeply rich and challenging learning environments for public managers at the cusp of a move to significant leadership roles. A fresh approach to learning is needed, which can flex to accommodate new and emerging challenges while also building on the experience and insight of managers from across our continent. The Certified Public Manager® Program in a European context is developed and implemented at the Centre for Professional Learning of Leiden University in The Hague.

About Leiden University
About Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs
About Centre for Professional Learning
About European Partners
About the CPM team

Leiden University (founded in 1575) is one of Europe's leading international research-intensive universities. Leiden University has some 25.800 students (from 110 different countries). The University positions its research and education programs within an international context and guarantees that the quality of the programs meets internationally accepted standards. Leiden University is a prominent member of the League of European Research Universities (LERU), a partnership of excellent research universities in Europe.

Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs, one of the seven faculties of Leiden University, is located in The Hague, the governmental seat of The Netherlands and the International Capital for Peace and Justice. Firmly rooted in the academic tradition, our students and researchers work together with national and international partners on new insights and solutions to current issues at the crossroads of politics, public administration and international law. At Leiden University-Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs you will find:

  • An inspiring and challenging education and research environment,
  • With a strong interdisciplinary character and international orientation,
  • A meeting place for students, scholars and professionals,
  • A platform for innovation and entrepreneurship,
  • And an ‘inclusive’ culture’, that fosters diversity.

Centre for Professional Learning (CPL)
CPL aspires to make a significant contribution to governance excellence on a local, national and global level and is strongly committed to supporting lifelong learning. Public managers in the public sector face an ever more interdependent and demanding environment. Globalisation, technological innovations and rapidly changing patterns of power and authority impact on the understanding of government and its roles.

We offer a wide range of continuing education courses. These courses are specifically meant for professionals with an academic background who aim to deepen their knowledge and skills and broaden their perspective and networks in a public sector related field.

Our programmes combine academic excellence of Leiden University’s based scholars with the rich experience of senior practitioners and are designed in close cooperation with academic staff and in partnership with government and public sector organisations.

We believe that good leadership development is based on recent, relevant and rigorous research. Experienced academic and guest lecturers bring the latest scientific insights, and working with participants, tackle emerging challenges and wicked problems together.

Our approach bridges theory and practice and puts real work at the centre. Action Learning anchors application in the context of real-time, real-work problems and our case-based approach guarantees an active learning process. This way, participants are challenged on the frontiers of their capabilities, enriching their own experience, increasing their knowledge and broadening their network.

Our Mission is to:

  • Add public value and contribute to the understanding and professional practice of effective responsible and accountable public management and leadership through research, education, teaching and service-related thinking and actions;
  • Promote and deliver trans-disciplinary and boundary-spanning initiatives, bridging and linking various disciplines, sectors and cultures;
  • Pursue our programmes for professionals with an international focus, embedded in the European tradition of: “United in Diversity”.

European Partners European Partnership
In the Certified Public Manager® Program, we focus on European challenges and offer cutting edge approaches to public management and change leadership. To this end, Leiden University’s CPL closely cooperates with its partners: The University of Manchester, Alliance Manchester Business School, Kaunas University of Technology in Lithuania and Complutense University of Madrid. Our
future vision is to contribute to a European network of universities, governments and public service institutions sharing, comparing, and pulling together to form a strong and sustainable partnership for Certified Public Manager® Programs in a European context.

About the CPM Team
Nikol Hopman - Programme Director
Caspar van den Berg - Academic Director
Anne Murphy - Learning Director
Jaap de Hoop Scheffer - Ambassador CPM Program

Nikol Hopman
Nikol Hopman is the Director of the Centre for Professional Learning at Leiden University’s Faculty Governance and Global Affairs and program director of CPM in a European context.

Immediate Past-Chair of the MIG Public Leadership of the International Leadership Association (www.ila-net.org).
She has developed and guided a wide variety of executive educational programmes for professionals and (top) managers in the public sector. She is the lead author of ‘Next Public Leadership in Times of Change’ (2015) and ‘Excellent Public Leadership: Competencies for Europe’ (2005).

Caspar van den Berg
Caspar is Associate Professor at the Institute of Public Administration at Leiden University’s Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs.
His research on comparative public management, European affairs and public sector leadership has been published in the leading international journals in Public Administration and Political Science and has been awarded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research and the Dutch Association of Public Administration. He is experienced in teaching and lecturing for professionals, innovations in learning and online teaching.

Anne Murphy
Anne is a Professional Fellow of the Centre for Professional Learning at Leiden University’s Faculty Governance and Global Affairs.

She brings action learning and action research expertise to the design and delivery of professional learning and has worked as an educator, researcher and consultant in a wide range of public and private sector settings.

She believes that effective learning is built in partnerships which cross boundaries, sectors and interests. Her publications include Collaborative Leadership and the Importance of Place Based Development (2009), and The Partnering Imperative (2003)

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