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Try-out Class: Master Public Administration

Thursday 24 November 2022
You will receive a Microsoft Teams link 24 hours prior to the event.
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Join us for a Try-out Class!

Are you interested in studying Public Administration? Do you want to find out whether Public Administration at Leiden University is the right programme for you? Would you like to know how our professors organise the online classes? The Try-out class of  the Master MSc. Public Administration will help you to make the right choice.

On 24 November 2022 at 18:00 hrs. Professor Andrei Poama will give an interactive one-hour long online class that introduces you to the modules of the Master Public Administration and the course Public Policy and Values.

Places are limited, make sure to sign up

Further Questions

Questions on the Try-out class? Or on the Public Administration Master- programme or the difference between the specialisations International and European Governance (I&EG), Economics and Governance (E&G) and Public Management and Leadership (PM&L)?

Feel free to reach out to our student- ambassadors:

  • Economics and Governance: Laura Farci
  • International and European Governance: Anna Grashuis
  • Public Management and Leadership: Catarina Mantas

Public Policy and Values

Policy-makers respond to societal problems and decide on their solutions during the various stages of the policy cycle. At times, however, problems and their solutions disappear from the policy cycle or policy-makers avoid clear decisions. Policies may be successful, but often expected outcomes are not achieved. Assessments of possible solutions to a problem may appear too optimistic, political intentions may clash, or sudden events may make other problems seem more urgent. Competing perspectives among stakeholders may also jeopardize policy change during the implementation stage and policy evaluation.

Andrei Poama is Assitant Professor in Public Administration. Andrei's research focus is on normative theories of punishment, criminal justice ethics, the connection between principles of justice and the problem of (government) authority, the ethics of public policy, and democratic theory. One of his aims is to create an environment that explores the moral questions involved in criminal justice ethics from a philosophical angle, but in a way that welcomes the involvement of criminal justice officials and practitioners perspective.

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