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Try-out Class: Master Public Administration

Tuesday 18 May 2021
You will receive a Microsoft Teams link 24 hours prior to the event.
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Join us for a Try-out Class!

Are you interested in studying Public Administration? Do you want to find out whether Public Administration at Leiden University is the right programme for you? Would you like to know how our professors organise the online classes? The Try-out class of MSc. Public Administration will help you to make the right choice.

On May 18 at 16:00h, Professor Caelesta Braun will give an interactive one-hour long online class that introduces you to the modules of the Master Public Administration and the course Public Institutions.

Places are limited, make sure to sign up! Register via this form.

The Try-Out Class

During the class, Professor Braun will give an introduction to four institutional theories. Afterwards, we will form four groups. Each of the groups will apply one of the theoretical angles to a case. This small case study will be done in breakout rooms. During the breakout rooms, you will have the opportunity to discuss with other prospective students. The class will give an insight into how our professors create an online learning environment. To allow for an interactive format, the class will have a maximum of 30 participants.

Public Institutions

Institutions are at the centre of political life. Institutions like government ministries and international organisations formulate and implement public policies. And the economic policies and welfare state of a country can be understood as policy institutions.

What are institutions, and how are they different from other social phenomena? What effects do institutions have on the behaviour of public officials and other actors? How can institutions overcome collective action problems? How do institutions change, and when do they remain stable? And what are the implications for institutional design and reform? These are key issues in the study of public institutions.

The course will present and discuss different institutional theories that seek to answer these questions. It will apply these theories to analyse real-world cases from public administration, such as policies to address climate change or respond to the Covid-19 pandemic or the relationship between ministers and bureaucrats. It will also discuss the implications of these theories for institutional design and reform to address contemporary societal challenges.

Caelesta Braun is Professor Public Governance and Civil Society at the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs. Her research expertise includes political advocacy, interest group politics, public decision-making, bureaucratic politics and regulatory governance. She studies the role of non-state stakeholders in public decision-making and regulation and how we can make sure to involve stakeholders in executive politics in an inclusive and effective way. In addition, she studies how stakeholders can successfully strategise to influence legislative and regulatory decision-making.

Further Questions

Questions on the Try-out class? Or onthe Public Administration Master- programme or the difference between the specialisations International and European Governance (I&EG), Economics and Governance (E&G) and Public Management and Leadership (PM&L)?

Feel free to reach out to our student- ambassador: Katharina Kl├╝ber

Register here for the Try-out Class: Master Public Administration

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