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Visit the Experience Day of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology

Study Information

Experience Day Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology

22 November 2018
Pieter de la Court
Wassenaarseweg 52
2333 AK Leiden

During this Experience Day, you will attend a lecture and tutorial. Just like real students, you will be asked to complete a homework assignment, which will be provided after signing up for the event. During the drinks afterward, students of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology and various professors will also be available to answer all of your questions.

13:00  – 13:30 hrs.

Main hall

General information market. Interact with current students and study advisers. Take a closer look at books & brochures.

13:30  – 13:30 hrs.


Short presentation by study adviser Taco de Ruiter about the value of anthropology and how you prepare yourself for the job market.

14:00  – 14:45 hrs.


Lecture on ‘Child labour’ by Sabine Luning. This lecture will be in English.

14:45  – 15:00 hrs.



15:00 – 15:45 hrs.


Tutorial in Dutch by Jan Janssen or tutorial in English by Kate Kirk. During this tutorial your homework assignment will be discussed.

16:00 – 16:30 hrs.


(Non-alcoholic) Drinks. Evaluate the day and talk to the professors and students.

  1. Read the following article on child labour:
    Nieuwenhuys, O. (1996). The paradox of child labor and anthropology. Annual Review of Anthropology, 25(1), 237-251.

    Please note: this article will be provided to you after applying for Experience Day.
  2. Visit the following website: http://slaveryfootprint.org/
    Take the test and find out how many slaves are working for you. The results will be food for discussion during the tutorial.



Location & direction

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