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Visit the Open Day on 24 February

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Bachelor's Open Day

24 February 2018
Several locations
in Leiden

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Are you thinking about studying in The Netherlands and are you wondering what Leiden University has to offer? Come visit the Bachelor's Open Day on Saturday 24 February from 9:00-17:30 and find out which of our bachelor's programmes taught in Leiden or The Hague suits you best. 

Online registration has been closed.
If you still want to visit this Open Day, you are welcome. You can register on site on one of the Open Day locations.

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Visit presentations of our English-taught bachelor’s programmes, and take the opportunity to ask students and teachers all of your questions at the information market. Collect all the information you need to find the bachelor’s programme which best fits your interests and future plans! There is also a special session for international students.

You need to be registered in advance if you plan to attend the Open Day. You are welcome to bring 1 parent or supervisor to the presentation.  If you wish to bring both your parents, one of them is welcome to look around at the information market in the Pieterskerk and talk with the teachers, students and study advisers.

How are your self-image and your chosen study programme connected? Come and listen to young Leiden scientists and music during Soul & Brains – and you may well be surprised.

All lectures are in Dutch.

12:00 Nienke Bles (Psychologist): Can you prevent aggression using food supplements? Bles talks about the role of nutrition in psychiatry.
13:00 Sanne Willems (Statistician): Actors who win Oscars live longer than actors who don’t win prizes. Is there a causal connection, or is it just faulty thinking? Willems talks about frequently made mistakes and the news.

Daan Luining (Cel Biologist): The bio-industry is one of the biggest causes of the greenhouse effect, as well as contributing to animal suffering. Take a trip into the world of future meat.

15:00 Laura van der Aar (Psychologist): Your self-image determines your choice of study programme and your future. Van der Aar talks about the relationship between your self-image, your brain and your choice of study.

Location: Old School, Pieterskerkhof 4a, 2311 SR Leiden

Specially for the Open Day visitors, Leiden restaurants have put together a tasty and reasonably priced lunch for a maximum of €10.

Tip: make a reservation, we expect a large amount of visitors! You can also eat between 11.30 and 13.30 hrs. in the Lipsius Building and the Kamerlingh Onnes Building. 

Addresses lunch locations

  1. Aan de Rijn: Nieuwe Rijn 37
  2. Anne & Max: Gangetje 2
  3. Annie’s: Hoogstraat 1a
  4. Barrera: Rapenburg 56
  5. Borgman Borgman: Nieuwe Rijn 41
  6. Chocolate Compagny: Haarlemmerstraat 1
  7. De la Soul: Morsstraat 60
  8. Grand Café Hortus: Rapenburg 73
  9. Grand Café Pakhuis: Doelensteeg 8
  10. In den Bierbengel: Langebrug 71
  11. Italian bar-bistro City Hall: Stadhuisplein 3
  12. Kamerlingh Onnes Gebouw: Steenschuur 25
  13. Leidsch Beleg: Turfmarkt 12
  14. Lipsius: Cleveringaplaats 1
  15. Mamie Gourmande: Gangetje 14
  16. Midi Marché: Gangetje 10
  17. Oudt Leyden: Steenstraat 49
  18. Pieterskerkcafé: Kloksteeg 16
  19. Restaurant Burgerzaken: Breestraat 123
  20. Restaurant Scarlatti: Stille Mare 4
  21. Rijksmuseum van Oudheden: Rapenburg 28
  22. Vooraf en Toe: Botermarkt 9

Take a walk around Leiden with students from the Leiden student associations. It’s a good way to get to know the city, and you can also take a look in a student room and a student association! Assemble at the ‘City and Student Life’ stand in the Pieterskerk at 11:00, 13:00, or 15:00 hrs.

Location: Pieterskerk, Pieterskerkhof 1a, 2311 SP Leiden

Entrance ticket

1. I haven’t received an entrance ticket. What should I do?
If you haven’t received an entrance ticket in your inbox, check that it isn’t in your spam folder. If it’s not there, click here to receive a new e-mail with your entrance ticket.

2. Why do I have to have an entrance ticket?
Because the Open Day is so popular, it’s important to register in advance so that you are sure of a place at the presentation of your choice. When you register, you will be sent an entrance ticket which gives you priority over people who decide to come to the Open Day on the spur of the moment (without having registered first).

3. I’ve deleted my entrance ticket by mistake. What can I do now?
Click here to receive a new e-mail with your entrance ticket.

4. Do I have to print out my entrance ticket and bring it with me, or is it enough that I can show the ticket on my telephone?
You can also show your ticket on your telephone.

Bring one of your parents

1. Originally I said I would be coming alone, but I have changed my mind. Can I still bring one of my parents with me?
You can change this via the link on your entrance ticket, if there is still room in the presentation(s). If a particular presentation is full or almost full, it may be that your parent can’t come to the presentation. In that case, he or she can enjoy a cup of coffee while waiting for you, or talk to some of the students and advisers at the Information Fair in the Pieterskerk.

2. Can I really only bring one parent with me?
Because the Open Days are so popular, you really can only bring one parent to the presentations. Of course, you can bring two parents with you to the Information Fair and one parent can wait with a cup of coffee while the other parent goes with you to the presentation.


1. I want to change my programme. How can I do that?
You can change your programme via the link in your entrance ticket. Please note that you will then be sent a new entrance ticket (this will appear, also as an image on screen, once you have registered).

2. All the presentations I would like to attend are full. Is it still worth coming to the Open Day?
In any event you can come to the Information Fair in the Pieterskerk, and talk to students, lecturers and advisers there. You can pick up all kinds of information material and join a tour of Leiden.


1. Are the presentations at the locations where normally the lectures are given?
The Open Day is organised in various locations in and around the city center and not in the faculty buildings (except the Lipsius Building and the Kamerlingh Onnes Building). So everything is within walking distance and you get to the presentations quickly. Unfortunately you can not have a look at all faculties, but during the presentations you will  certainly get a good idea of where you will be studying.

Not sure if you should come to an Open Day?

Not sure if you should come to a Leiden University Open Day? We asked some of our prospective students what are some of the main reasons for coming on campus before you pick your place to study.

Locations and directions

Here you can find the 9 Open Day locations and Soul & Brains.

Public transport

We strongly advise everyone to use public transport to travel to Leiden, as parking spaces in the city centre are very scarse. All venues are within walking distance of Leiden Central train station (the furthest is only 20 minutes away).

Once at the train station, take the ‘Centrum’ (Centre) exit. From there, you can either walk to the Open Day locations or take a bus. Should you take a bus, it’s best to get out at the
Breestraat bus stop. Once there, students will be ready to help you to get to your location.

  • Make sure there are no delays or cancellations on your route and visit ns.nl before travelling
  • To plan your busroute, visit 9292.nl


For those who plan take the car: parking is easy and affordable on the Haagweg car park. While slightly out of the centre, it does have a free city shuttle bus that will bring you to the centre in a matter of minutes.
At the end of the day you can either simply walk back to the Haagweg, or phone the shuttle to come pick you up (contact them at 071-5120017).
It can be busy at the Haagweg, and you might have to wait a while for the shuttle, so you could also consider parking at one of the other locations throughout the city.

Parking space

1. Haagweg: Haagweg 8, 2311 AA Leiden
2. Centrum Morspoort: Bloemfonteinstraat 2, 2312 ZD Leiden
3. Langegracht: Langegracht 3, 2312 NV Leiden
4. Haarlemmerstraat: Middelstegracht 50, 2312 TX Leiden
5. Breestraat: Kaardesteeg 11, 2311 KN Leiden
6. Maliebaan: Navigate to the middle of the Maliebaan
7. Lammermarkt: Lammermarkt 9, 2312 CK Leiden

If you have any questions during the Open Day about the programme, the route, the presentations or anything else, please contact the Study Line (071- 527 1111).

Do you already have questions? You can call during office hours or send an email: studielijn@leidenuniv.nl. We are happy to answer your questions.