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Populism, Punditry and Political Science: A Conversation with Cas Mudde

Thursday 25 May 2023
Turfmarkt 99
2511 DP The Hague
Room 3.46
Cas Mudde

Public figure

Few Political Scientists in academia become public figures; most of them actually prefer their desk or field work environment over a place in the spotlights. Leiden University alumnus Cas Mudde has gotten used to being visible and in the heat of many a political debate. His scholarly work on, inter alia, political extremism and populism is widely praised and cited by researchers worldwide. Cas Mudde, currently working and living (mostly) in the United States, also reaches an unusually large audience via blogs, social media and television appearances.

Interview, Q&A

On Thursday 25 May 2023 (16:00-18:00), CSSPR and Leiden University’s Institute of Political Science will reunite Cas Mudde with his friends and former colleagues and introduce him to interested students and staff members.

Institute Director Joop van Holsteijn will introduce the speakers. Sarah de Lange (University of Amsterdam; his former PhD-student) and Petr Kopecký (a former fellow PhD-student) will interview Cas Mudde about his views and career. There will be ample opportunity for questions from the audience.

Leiden alumni

Both Cas Mudde and Sarah de Lange are alumni of Leiden University’s Institute of Political Science. Cas Mudde studied and defended his dissertation in Leiden (The Extreme Right Party Family: An Ideological Approach, 1998); Sarah de Lange holds a BA and MA in Political Science from Leiden University. Her PhD at Antwerp University (From Pariah to Power: The Government Participation of Radical Right-Wing Populist Parties in West European Parliamentary Democracies, 2008) was supervised by Cas Mudde.

About Cas Mudde

At present, Cas Mudde is the Stanley Wade Shelton UGAF Professor of International Affairs and a Distinguished Research Professor at the University of Georgia (USA) and a Professor II at the Center for Research on Extremism (C-REX) of the University of Oslo (Norway). He is the author of, among others, The Far Right Today (2019) and (with Cristóbal Rovira Kaltwasser) Populism: A Very Short Introduction (2017), and the host of the podcast RADIKAAL, which focuses on the radical aspects of music, politics, and sports. He is a newly-minted Member (Abroad) of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW).

About Sarah de Lange

Sarah de Lange works as a Professor of Political Pluralism at the Department of Political Science at the University of Amsterdam. She is currently working on a project funded by the NWO entitled Generational differences in determinants of party choice. The project examines how the mechanisms that explain voting behaviour differ between younger and older generations.

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