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Reedijk Symposium 2022: In situ X-ray spectroscopy for a live view on electrochemistry

Friday 28 October 2022
Gorlaeus Lecture Hall Building (collegezalengebouw), Einsteinweg 57
Lecture Hall 1


Generating chemicals and fuels using green electricity is one of the key steps towards a sustainable society. The electrocatalytic reactions involved in this take place in the few atomic layers around the electrode-electrolyte interface. The structure of these few atomic layers largely determines the performance of the overall process, i.e. its efficiency, selectivity and durability. Therefore, it is of great interest to study what the interface structure looks like, and how we can control it to our advantage. In my group, we study the structure and chemistry of the electrode-electrolyte interface using in situ spectroscopy. During the presentation, I will show some of the X-ray spectroscopies that we have developed over the past few years, which allow us to measure during electrocatalytic reactions. I will show how we can use these techniques to view the oxidation state of the electrode, its adsorbates, and the behavior of the ions in the near-surface electrolyte.

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