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Reedijk Symposium 2022 poster session

Friday 28 October 2022
Gorlaeus Lecture Hall Building (collegezalengebouw), Einsteinweg 57

Poster sessions at 10:25 - 10:50, 12:00 - 13:30, 14:40 - 15:05

Presenters/poster titles:

  1. Foteini Skoulikopoulou
    Design and synthesis of inhibitors for sialic acid esterases
  2. Rob Lammers
    Development of GCS- and GBA2 PROTACs as potential therapeutic agents
  3. Irene Regeni
    Red or near-IR-activated methionine-containing Ru(II)-polypyridyl complexes for photoactivated chemotherapy
  4. Dennis Dam
    Visible Light-Induced Catalytic Aziridination of Alkenes
  5. Prianka Luther
    Understanding De Novo Designed Metal Binding Peptides
  6. Matthijs Hakkennes
    Ligand rigidity steers the selectivity and efficiency of the photosubstitution reaction of strained ruthenium polypyridyl complexes
  7. Hessel van Dijk
    Synthesis and Application of Mycobacterial Phenolic Glycolipids
  8. A.M. Erkelens
    B. subtilis Rok is an atypical H-NS-like protein regulated by protein-protein interactions
  9. Sven Wijngaarden
    Solid-Phase Synthesis of Functionalized Cysteine ADPr-Peptides
  10. Michael Hoekstra
    Cell-permeable proteasome β2c selective inhibitors
  11. Elahe Motaee
    Operando STM of Fischer−Tropsch Synthesis on Co(101̅2) - Bridging the Materials Gap between Single-Crystal Models and Supported Catalysts
  12. Julia Pols
    Profiling Ligandable Cysteine Residues in Pathogenic Bacteria to Identify New Targets for Antibiotics
  13. Marleen Hoefnagel
    A Versatile Metal Organic Framework for Electrochemical Reduction Reactions
  14. Tijn van der Velden
    Cytochrome bd as a novel antibiotic target: a study in its native lipid environment
  15. Diyu Zhang
    RAIRS characterization of CO and O coadsorption on Cu(111) and Cu(211)
  16. Hari Thelu Prasad
    Alteration of squaramide-based supramolecular polymer nanostructures by light-mediated disulfide crosslinking
  17. Sunghak Park
    Towards understanding hydrogen gas bubble evolution on a platinum microelectrode in acid electrolytes
  18. Robert van Bree
    Resolving GGA-DFT failure for molecule metal systems
  19. Ye Zeng
    Therapeutic Gene Silencing Using CD44 Targeted Peptide Modified LNP-siRNA in Breast Cancer
  20. Brian C. Ferrari
    Floating in space: How to treat the weak interaction energy of interstellar CO ices
  21. Dajo Boden
    Investigating the oxidation of Pt(111) using force field calculations and ab initio thermodynamics
  22. Hassan Javed
    Platinum electrocatalyst oxidation under steady state and transient conditions examined by in-situ XPS and XAS
  23. Valentina Borlandelli
    Cyclitols as covalent inhibitors and activity-based probes for β-D-glucuronidase against metabolic drug reactivation and cancer progression
  24. Weizhe Zhang
    Proton transport through sulphonated graphene in a direct methanol fuel cell
  25. Bauke Smits
    Accurate description of surface temperature effects for the quantum dynamics of H2 on a metal surface
  26. Mahin Saberi
    Large substrate mobility in the active site of the xylanase BCX
  27. Indigo Bekaert
    Anion-induced helical folding remotely controlled by light
  28. Verena Straub
    Release and transport of the endocannabinoid 2-arachidonoylglycerol is mediated by extracellular vesicles
  29. Mirjam Huizenga
    Discovery of LEI-515: a MAGL inhibitor that supresses chemotherapy induced neuropathic pain
  30. Willem Marulanda Valencia
    Exploring the light-stress response mechanism of PsbS, a key protein in photoprotection
  31. Rico Singer
    Magnetic Resonance Imaging of zebrafish (Danio rerio) at ultra-high magnetic field (1.2 GHz)
  32. Lolita Dsouza
    NMR characterization of dynamics of the efficient light-harvesting antennae chlorosomes of the WT C.tepidum
  33. Luuk Reinalda
    A click chemistry assay for lipid uptake by immune cells
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