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Red Slip Wares: Introduction to a Roman and Byzantine phenomenon

Thursday 27 October 2022
Van Steenis
Einsteinweg 2
2333 CC Leiden

On Thursday the 27th of October, the Medieval Mediterranean Study Group Leiden organises its first event of the new academic year. The Schervenzaal will host two guest lectures and a workshop on Red Slip Wares. This event will cover both the Gaulish west-Roman variants and the Mediterranean counterparts that continue well into the Byzantine period. The Gaulish Terra Sigillatavessels will be presented by Roderick Geerts, pottery specialist and Senior KNA archaeologist at ADC Archeoprojecten and PhD at Leiden University. The Mediterranean slip wares will be presented by dr. Philip Bes who works at the Austrian Archaeological Institute in Vienna. Philip has extensive experience in the Mediterranean and many relevant sherds have passed through his hands.

After the lectures, students will be given a chance to study materials from both areas. The material may be drawn, photographed and you will be given the chance to identify the material. The guest lectures and staff will be present to guide you through the process.

Apply for the workshop via medievalmediterraneanleiden@gmail.com

This workshop is a collaboration with the Historical Archaeology section of the faculty and uses materials from the faculty depot. The LID-project, which is organized by Joanita Vroom, has graciously made this possible. 

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