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Conference Day

Law, Gender, Race and Intersectionality

Wednesday 26 October 2022
Kamerlingh Onnes Building
Steenschuur 25
2311 ES Leiden
A1.44 (Lorentz room)

Until now, systematic discussions of gender, race and law have received little attention from Dutch law faculties, especially at the undergraduate teaching level. At the same time, public calls for discussion of these issues increases all the time. The internet has enabled movements against gender-based harassment (#MeToo) and race-based police brutality (#BlackLivesMatter and #SayHerName) to the connect on an international scale, while local organizers have continued to call attention to what makes each of these movements unique to a given place. Legal instruments against unequal treatment based on race or gender have existed for decades at both the national and international level, but don’t seem to be sufficient or adequate to address continuing inequalities.

In the honors course in Leiden Law School “Law, Gender, Race and Intersectionality”, the students   learnt some of the histories, theories and challenges of seeking equal justice under the law. With concrete examples focusing on gender and race, we explored the intersections between various aspects of individual identity, national and international legal institutions, politics and law.

The students, in groups, have researched on six topics as their case study: (1)Rape law, (2)Abortion law, (3)Child marriage, (4)Female genital mutilation, (5)Racial profiling, and (6)Workplace discrimination. In this Conference Day, taking place in the beautiful Lorentz zaal of Leiden Law School building KOG, they will present their research outcome.


(each panel consists of two presentations and discussion/Q&A session)

9:00-9:10           Welcome & intro

9:10-10:00         Panel 1: 
                             ‘A New Definition of Rape Law: Are the Victims Better Off?’
                             ‘Aborting National Abortion Laws’

10:00-10:50       Panel 2:
‘Decolonizing Human Rights: The Dominating West in the Fight against Child
‘Fighting Female Genital Mutilation: Kenya versus Somalia’

10:50-11:00       Break

11:00-11:50       Panel 3:
‘Dutch Court Allows Ethic Profiling’
‘Peter’s Privilege: on the implementation of a female quotum in top management
                            and boardroom positions in The Netherlands’

11:50-12:00       Wrap Up


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Hoko Horii (h.horii@law.leidenuniv.nl)

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