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ReCNTR Work-in-progress Workshop: Photo Edition

Friday 23 September 2022
Turfmarkt 99
2511 DP The Hague
Image credit: Mark Westmoreland (2018) Fragmented Landscape

Although the most ubiquitous form of visual representation, photography has played a marginal role in social research projects and has been rarely elevated above the status of illustration in scholarly outputs. Despite the anxiety produced by stringent privacy laws and the habituated thoughtlessness common to everyday imaging habits, an increasing number of researchers recognize photography's versatile and accessible qualities for enacting powerful visual narratives. Since efforts to establish rigorous peer review standards in this domain remain limited, ReCNTR will dedicate its next Works-in-Progress session to focus on research projects that foreground photography. Three ReCNTR members — Nadia Sonneveld, Benjamin Fogarty-Valenzuela, and Mark Westmoreland — will present works in different stages of development in order to get critical input and facilitate bringing the work to fruition. Discussion may range from shooting practices and ethical rapport to narrative structure and page design. In an effort to cultivate stronger connections with photographic practices in the Netherlands, ReCNTR has invited Donald Weber, Sybren Kuiper, and Andrea Stultiens as respondents.


The session is open to the public, registration is required. 

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