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Night of Discoveries with Leiden University researchers and fun activities

Saturday 17 September 2022 - Sunday 18 September 2022
Leiden University

About the Night of Discoveries

The Night of Discoveries is an annual festival where Leiden University, together with a number of partners, organizes events in the field of science and art. This year there is a special focus on the young generation: around the festival grounds young researchers and makers will share their work or stories, including PhD student Daphne Wong-A-Foe. Several other researchers, such as Max van Duijn, Ineke Sluiter, Eveline Crone en Remco Breuker will also be speaking at the festival (in Dutch).

The festival site is located in the Hortus Botanicus Leiden, in the Academy Building of Leiden University and at the Old Observatory.

EEG Variability in Jaran Kepang Dancers – Daphne Wong-A-Foe

Raised in Suriname, Daphne has very diverse backgrounds, including Chinese and Javanese ancestors. One of the Javanese traditions she holds dear is the "Jaran Kepang," or horse dance. Jaran is the spirit of the horse and Kepang is a horse made of woven bamboo that dancers perform with. In front of an audience, dancers go into a trance and their bodies become "possessed of other identities" for entertainment purposes. When the dancers return to reality, they claim to remember nothing of the performance. Using a previously developed methodology to study dissociative identity disorder, Daphne hopes to gain insight into the nature of the Jaran Kepang trance. 

Interactive Escape Box

At the festival, Young Academy Leiden has created a fun way to put different research disciplines in the spot light: an interactive escaperoom! By making ground breaking puzzle discoveries, you will learn more about Leiden and its research.

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