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Workshop- Figuring Things Out Together

Tuesday 21 June 2022 - Friday 24 June 2022
Tuesday 21 June 2022 15.00-17.00 Wednesday 22 June 2022, 14.00-17.00 Friday 24 June 2022, 10-12.00
Middelstegracht 87

Exploring 'Workshop' as a Concept and Format for Collective Learning and Publishing

Anja Groten (Hackers & Designers)

21-24 June 2022 

@ TROEF, Middelstegracht 87 in Leiden 

RSVP: anja@hackersanddesigners.nl 

More information here.

In this installation and workshop series, Anja Groten opens up her artistic research about the relation between design and collective practice, by paying special attention to 'workshops'!

Manifold contexts shape articulations around workshops, different workshop meanings, materializations, practices, and legacies. The 'workshop' – an ambiguous yet popular format for time-boxed collaboration is co-opted frequently, crossing boundaries between art and activism, between different disciplines and institutions, between commercial, and educational contexts. 

As a flexible format, the workshop seems to fulfill momentary needs and supposedly can be adapted to 'any' context, tackling 'any' issue. However, the workshop, in its temporary, semi-committed, ad-hoc utterances, needs to be considered also a consequence of uncertain times, contingent and fragmented work and social relations. 

Drawing from the workshop-based practice of the Hackers & Designers collective this installation and workshop series focuses on the relation of workshops, collective practice and self-publishing, posing the question how collectives can negotiate their socio-material conditions in critical, creative and conscious ways, and develop subtle but effective tactics to 'stay in touch' with each other and with the different environments they interact with.  

The installation and workshop series are part of the artistic research project of Anja Groten at PhDArts, Academy for Creative and Performing Arts Leiden and the Making Matters project. It is the first of a series of activities – a distributed, iterative publishing cycle that will materialize as an on and offline publication.

 Sign up for one of the workshops! 

  • Tuesday 21 June 2022 15.00-17.00

  • Wednesday 22 June 2022, 14.00-17.00

  • Friday 24 June 2022, 10-12.00 


  • Participation is free of charge. 

  • Spoken language is English 

  • The workshops will depart from, and take into consideration the experiences and interests of the group of workshop participants. Upon sign-up you will receive a confirmation email with more details and what to bring or prepare (preparation will not take more than 5 min of your time) 

  • The space is wheelchair accessible. Please let us know if you have any access needs that we should take into consideration.

Hackersesign & Ders (H&D)

Hackers & Designers (H&D) is a non-profit initiative organizing workshops at the intersection of technology, design and art. By creating shared moments of hands-on learning H&D stimulates collaboration across disciplines, technological literacy, and different levels of expertise. Since 2015 H&D organizes the annual H&D Summer Academy in Amsterdam, an experiment in non-hierarchical learning and making. Tutors become participants, participants become workshop tutors—everyone is taken on the collective venture of shared responsibility, bringing in their own expertise, urgency and experience.

Current members of the H&D collective are Loes Bogers, André Fincato, Selby Gildemacher, Anja Groten, Heerko van der Kooij, Juliette Lizotte, Karl Moubarak, Christine Kappé, and Pernilla Manjula Philip.


Anja Groten

Anja Groten (1983, DE) is a designer, organizer and educator based in Amsterdam. Investigating collectivity-in-practice, her work revolves around the cross-section of digital and physical media, design and art education and her involvement in different interdisciplinary groups. In 2013 she co-founded the initiative Hackers & Designers, attempting to break down the barriers between the different fields and practices by enforcing a common vocabulary through education, hacks and collaboration.

Anja is a PhD candidate at PhD Arts, and the consortium Bridging Art, Design and Technology through Critical Making, and since 2019 the course director of the design department at the Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam, Master of the Rietveld Academie.

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