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Triple-E lecture by Prof. Bram Büscher

Thursday 16 June 2022
Auditorium, Naturalis


You are all invited for a Triple-E lecture by Prof. Bram Büscher (Wageningen University) on Thursday the 16th of June at 4 PM in the afternoon, postceded by a borrel on location. 

Prof. Büsher studies the different aspects of nature-society relations in their political-economical, social and historical contexts. He is interested in empirically investigating and theoretically exploring the intersections between contemporary neoliberal or ‘late’ capitalism and the environment. A major outcome of his research is the idea of ‘convivial conservation’: a new conservation paradigm that moves beyond markets and protected areas to address the fundamental unsustainability of our contemporary, hegemonic development model. This has resulted in a book entitled ‘The Conservation Revolution’, co-authored with Robert Fletcher, where they discuss radical ideas for saving nature beyond the Anthropocene.

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