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Lecture | Research Seminar

Food Citizens?

Monday 10 January 2022
CADS Research Seminars
Pieter de la Court

The Food Citizens? project team will present on work in progress results from their research on collective food procurement in three European cities: Turin, Rotterdam and Gdansk. The ERC project 'Food citizens?' is a comparative analysis of a growing phenomenon in Europe: collective food procurement, namely networks of people who organize direct food production, distribution, and consumption. This project studies it in-depth through ethnographic case studies at the level of self-production and foraging, short chains and food governance, asking to what extent collective food procurement networks indicate emerging forms of ‘food citizenship’, and what this might mean. Which, if any, practices and notions of civic participation, solidarity, and diversity do they use and produce? Which, if any, concomitant hegemonic notions of participation and belonging do they enroll? – and either way, how? Which new and old skills do they develop and share, and how do they engage the dimension of scale. 

About Cristina Grasseni

Cristina Grasseni specialises in economic, political and visual anthropology. She received her Bachelor degree in Philosophy, M.Phil. in History and Philosophy of Science, and Ph.D. in Social Anthropology with Visual Media from the universities of Pavia, Cambridge and Manchester respectively.

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