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Film screening

Screening documentary 'Katalalixar' and discussion with filmmaker Rodrigo Polić

  • Rodrigo Polić
Friday 19 November 2021
Turfmarkt 99
2511 DP The Hague
Room 201

Students and staff are invited to join a special movie screening of the documentary 'Katalalixar' and round table discussion with the film maker Rodrigo Polić, followed by live music and drinks. The event will be in English and will take place in Wijnhaven, The Hague (room 201) on 19 November at 17.00. 

If you would like to attend this screening, please register by sending a mail to María Gabriela Palacio: m.g.palacio.ludena@hum.leidenuniv.nl. In addition, it is also possible to follow the event via a live stream: https://weblectures.leidenuniv.nl/Mediasite/Play/827e3d14f6d44168b6d9d875fe6de98a1d.


17:00 Welcome and introduction
17:15 Documentary screening
18:15 Roundtable discussion (BASIS Latin America + Interlatina)
18:45 Musical intermezzo by Felipe Bucci Ancapi (PhD at TU Delft and musician) and drinks
19:30 Closing 

About the documentary Katalalixar

A documentary that shows the solo and kayak exploration of Rodrigo Polić, through one of the few territories not inhabited by humans, the territory of the nomadic people that inhabited the fjords and channels of western Patagonia for 6,000 years: the Kawésqar (today no navigate). The objective was to collect basic information on the exploration, water samples, insects, stones, routes, optimal places to camp and build the first photographic bank in the area. However, the first exploration campaign would end up becoming a psychological process. This piece reflects how a person alone can sustain stress in the first days of exploration, the techniques to be prepared, from the most basic to the most challenging; to be able to communicate, in a thoughtful way, that in the habitat that was explored, the human is not welcomed.

About Rodrigo Polić

Filmmaker and scientific explorer Rodrigo Polić is the director of Aysén Films. Originally from Coyhaique, Rodrigo has made several solo kayak expeditions along the southern Patagonia coast. A skilled cameraman, he makes exploratory trips and documentaries for diverse governmental, academic, and private organizations. Most recently, he worked three years identifying the peatlands throughout the Aysen region. His next project is a film in the Arctic Circle about the native Sami people.
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