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PhD Course Microscopy

Monday 15 November 2021 - Friday 19 November 2021
Sylviusweg 72
2333 BE Leiden

The Cell Observatory microscopy course for PhD and Post-docs is intended for 1st/2nd year PhD as well as starting post-docs who feel they would like to know more about microscopy, fluorescence, resolution and image analysis.

This course will take one week and will explain the physics of light, and how these are used to create images in the microscope. It will explain how to optimally illuminate your samples, explain the benefits and limits of various microscopy techniques and get you started with the basics of image analysis.

The exact schedule is not known yet, but assume that the course will take an entire week, full days. Please only sign up if you are able to join for the whole week.

In addition on Friday there will be a basic introduction on image analysis. If you are not confident about your image analysis we will teach you the basics on that day. For this you can also sign up using the form in the link.

Joost Willemse, Gerda Lamers, Hans de Bont, Sylvia Le Devedec, Kostas Tassis

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