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Alumni event

Inspire the Students

Wednesday 3 November 2021 - Wednesday 10 November 2021
Leiden University College

Get ready for the fourth edition of Inspire the Students! An annual event that connects past and present LUC students to discuss everything about life after LUC - careers, internships, and studies. Are you curious about the different paths that alumni have pursued, how they have dealt with setbacks or how they look back on their time at LUC? Make sure to register now!

This year alumni of LUC will share back their stories during two days in November. Wednesday 3 November will target further studies and Wednesday 10 November focuses on the job market. Through different sessions alumni share back their stories about life after graduation, elaborate their thoughts on how to apply for the right job, open up about their motives to work within the publisc or private sector and more! Every session will have the opportunity to ask questions. On both days the event is closed of with a 'borrel' where students can connect with alumni of LUC. The complete programme of Inspire the Students can be found below. It's up to you to decide which session(s) you would like to sign up for. Registration opens soon!

Inspire the Students '21 takes place on Wednesday 3 November and Wednesday 10 November.

Prepare to be inspired! #getinspired


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In University you don't only gain benefit from thinking but also from doing it and through side hustles you can leave university a bit more prepared. In our sesison we give some examples how LUC alumni have been entrepreneurial and help you make your ideas happen.


Daniela Alvaran

My name is Daniela Alvaran, and I graduated from LUC in February of 2021. Fun fact about myself: I lived in the building for three and a half years! What can I say, I'm a huge bubble enthusiast. The reason for this is that I met many of the people who would eventually become my chosen family and colleagues there. I am the kind of person who needs to combine thinking with doing, which is why I was involved in a number of projects during my student years. I was a member of the UNICEF Student Team The Hague, the student-led startup Impactify, completed various internships in the education sector, and currently, work as a Community Manager at PLNT The Hague. Many of the opportunities that came my way were thanks to my community. Hence, I am thrilled to build together with you a community of 'entreprecurious' students in The Hague. 

Anzelika Pusnakova

Hi, my name is Anzelika, and I am a recent graduate from the class of 2021 with a major in Governance, Economics, and Development. I actively engaged in various student associations throughout my studies as I wanted to put theory into practice. I worked as a Vice-President for the UNICEF Student Team, was a Partnerships Lead at a social start-up Impactfify, and Creative Content Lead for the Roosevelt Network. After graduating from LUC, I now hold a position at PLNT (Leiden Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship), where I work as a Marketing and Communications Officer for a project in The Hague. In the Inspire the Students session, I want to showcase, alongside Abigail, just how valuable side-hustles are during your time at university and beyond. Skills like teamwork, problem-solving and communication, to name a few, will transcend past your studies to help you in the job market. In the session, I will also explain how PLNT can help you achieve your (entrepreneurial) goals.

Not sure if you want to pursue a career in the public or private sector? Or you are aiming for one of these sectors but want to know more about what it's like working in it? LUC alumni will talk about their experience of working and building a career in the public and/or private sector, and what to keep in mind when trying to make the decision. During the panel discussion alumni will share how they made the decision for a specific sector and their reflections on working in it. Students and alumni can join in on the Q&A session and understand the different work ethics of both sectors.


Zach Malik 

Hi everyone! My name is Zach and very excited to be sharing my views on the discussion around private vs public. Since graduating have been lucky to gain experience across consulting, non-profit organisations, and multilateral/intergovernmental organisation. I am currently based in London at Deloitte working across their Sustainable Finance offering. 

Happy to speak about my experience in switching to private from public, working at Deloitte, my time as an advisor to Uzbekistan's Ministery of Environment, development at the World Bank, and everything else in between.

Looking forward to the conversation!

Samuel Hopcroft

Samuel is a senior advisor to the UK Government's Secretary of State for Education. He has experience leading strategy and delivery across the public and charity sector, with specialisms in mental health and education. He is also Chair of a Primary School in London, and Trustee of a local mental health charity. In his spare time, he enjoys living the seaside lifestyle in Brighton and is trying (somewhat unsuccessfully!) to pick up bouldering. 

Thomas Meijer

My name is Thomas, 26 years old, Dutch and living in Amsterdam. I came to LUC because I wanted to study many things but eventually figured out GED fitted my interests best. After LUC I interned with a development organization part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands (CBI) and pursued a MSc in Development Economics at Wageningen University. There I learned more about environmental issues, got involved in activism, and received the opportunity to work with the NGO Friends of the Earth Netherlands (Milieudefensie) on the climate lawsuit against Shell. Since the start of this year I work as an analyst for a consultancy (NewForesight) working on sustainable market transformation. In short: experiences in different sectors which I can share perspectives on. 



Doing an internship or a traineehsip? What are the differences? What are the benefits of and internship and a traineeship? How do you apply for a position? And many many more questions will be answered by the alumni in this session during the panel discussion. If you would like to know more about the ins and outs of an internship or traineeship then don't miss out on this session!


Xueyan Xing

Xueyan (Class of 2015) majored in World Politics and minored in GED. After LUC she obtained a Master’s degree in Political Science at Leiden University, and then went on with internships at governmental institutions. Xueyan has gained more than 5 years of work experience in marketing communications and fashion e-commerce. As of November, she will start a new position in campaign management at Tommy Hilfiger.

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