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CEES Centre seminar: 'The Same Old Newness: the Elections in Bulgaria'

  • Maria Spirova
  • Emilia Zankina (Temple University Rome)
  • Yuxiang Lin (University of Birmingham)
  • Tim Haughton (University of Birmingham)
Thursday 18 November 2021
Elections in Bulgaria

Bulgaria goes to the polls for the third time this year. Why has the country held so many elections? What explains the result this time round? Why is it so difficult to form a government? And why has Bulgaria seen the emergence and success of so many new parties?

POLSIS (University of Birmingham), Temple University’s REPRESENT and Leiden University’s Central and East European Studies Centre invite their experts to explore these questions and place the experience of Bulgaria in a wider European context.

All welcome! This seminar will be held over zoom, and a link will be sent to registrants before the event.

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