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Reading Group: Oedipus Rex

Thursday 7 October 2021
Culture and Politics Event Series
Café Babbels

Aristotle viewed Sophocles as the greatest of Greek tragedians, and Oedipus Rex as one of his masterpieces. For this reading group we examine a classic of Western literature. Don’t worry, none of us come as experts of Greek tragedy (or, at least, that’s the presumption!), nor indeed as literary critics. The point is simply to explore this literary work in a general manner, to note some of the ways in which it has been interpreted, and all of this in order to deepen our knowledge for the sake of better understanding International Relations scholars who draw from the “tragic vision”.

Culture and Politics Event Series

The Culture and Politics Event Series serves to expose students to further themes related to their specialisation as well as to possible future career opportunities for which their specialisation provides required knowledge and skills.

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