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Phonological encoding in L2 speech production

  • Man Wang
Thursday 21 October 2021
LACG Meetings
Online via Microsoft Teams (see info below)


In this talk, I will present two pilot studies looking into distinct stages of L2 speech production. In the first study, we tested the planning unit and the manner of L2 phonological encoding by Mandarin Chinese learners of English. The WEAVER++ model predicts the rightward incremental manner of phonological encoding and this encoding process is shared between languages in bilinguals. This prediction is formulated based on empirical evidence from Dutch-English bilinguals, and the planning unit is consistent across the two languages. Since most empirical evidence has reported that the planning unit of phonological encoding in Mandarin Chinese is larger than the onset (either syllabic or sub-syllabic), we are interested in whether their L2 phonological encoding would be influenced by their L1 and whether the L2 proficiency matters. By manipulating the number of overlapping segments, we observed significant segmental priming effects in the L2 (English) monosyllabic word production. The priming effects were evident with segmental overlap of the onset, the first two phonemes or the whole syllable between targets and distractors. The priming effects were also observed in the two groups of bilinguals with either high or low English proficiency. In this talk, I will also present an ongoing study, through which we attempt to investigate the semantic and grammatical gender processing in speech production in German by Mandarin Chinese learners, using the picture-word interference paradigm. I will talk about the preliminary results. 

Please read the following announcements:

- To join the meeting, please follow this link. If you have not already been added to the LACG group on Teams, please follow this link to join
- Participants will be able to join the call from 11:00 AM, please allow for a minute to log into Teams to avoid disrupting the presenter. The presentation will start at 11:15. 
- We ask all participants to keep their microphones on mute to blend out any background noises that could disturb the speaker. However, do keep your videos on if possible.
- As for questions, we will have a discussion session at the end of the talk. If you have a question, please unmute yourself or write in the group chat during the discussion.
- If you are experiencing problems with the Teams link, do not hesitate to contact us. If you have trouble logging into Teams, be sure to check your username (ULCNusername@vuw.leidenuniv.nl ) and verify your identity with Microsoft authentication.

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