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CCLS Seminar: Bas Goulooze - LACDR

Tuesday 12 October 2021
Gorlaeus Building
LIVE @ Science Club

Bas Goulooze - Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research

Please come and join us at the Science Club for the first Live CCLS event in 2021. Cake with coffee/tea will be served at the start of the event at 4 pm.

Modelling withdrawal symptoms in critically ill children

Children admitted to the intensive care can require large amounts of sedative drugs and painkillers. This puts them at a great risk for withdrawal symptoms once treatment with these drugs is stopped. We need more knowledge to avoid withdrawal in children, but available data is limited and many research questions remain unexplored in clinical studies due to ethical constraints. In this presentation, I will present how we leveraged available literature knowledge in combination with a novel modelling technique to analyse clinical withdrawal data in children. Using the model, we simulated ‘what if’ scenarios to generate new clinical hypotheses.

For more information on this seminar or receiving updates, please contact Mischa Hautvast

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