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Opening academic year 2021-2022

Thursday 9 September 2021

On Thursday 9 September 2021 the Institute of Philosophy will celebrate the opening of Academic Year 2021-2022. All staff, students, and members of the wider philosophical community are cordially invited to attend the presentations.

Please join by navigating to the following link:


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16:00 Opening & Welcome

Douglas Berger
Academic Director/Professor, Global and Comparative Philosophy

16:10 Speech

Danielle van den Berge 
Student representative

16:25 Lecture

Michael Eze
University Lecturer African and Comparative Philosophy



Michael Onyebuchi Eze, Critical Race Theory and the Politics of Epistemology

Critical Race Theory nowadays has become a locus of discursive baggage and often with profound emotive commitment. Infused with intense ideological debates, CRT is habitually conflated as a reactionary discourse, a displacement narrative, or even anti-racist racism. I will explore the implications and limitations of these approaches, suggesting that limiting CRT to this epistemic framework only exposes it to the same disease it seeks to cure in the first place. I argue that CRT possesses certain ontological mobility that transcends the narrow and reductionist focus on race and racism. CRT in fact, offers an epistemic grounding to rethink not only the terms of our racial relations but also how hierarchies of power are manifest and implicated in gender relations, environmental ethics, and knowledge production.  Drawing on African ethics of ubuntu, I will suggest a modest proposal in which CRT begins to read not primarily as a theory of racial protest and resistance, but of human reconciliation and critical dialogue. 

Michael Onyebuchi Eze
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