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LUCDH Lunchtime Speaker Series: Susanna Lindberg

Tuesday 12 October 2021
12:00 (noon) - 13:00
On Campus: P.J. Veth - Digital Lab 1.07 / Online: Kaltura Live Rooms (online)
Please register via lucdh@hum.leidenuniv.nl
Prof. Susanna Lindberg

Three Ethical Perspectives on the Digital World

Join us for the LUCDH lunchtime talk presented by Prof. Susanna Lindberg in the new Digital Lab. on Tuesday 12 October, 12:00 – 13:00. Location: on-campus in the Digital Lab P.J. Veth 1.07 or online via Kaltura Live Rooms

In recent publications, Prof. Susanna Lindberg has worked on the impact of technics and especially of digital technologies on human existence, sometimes referring to specific concrete technologies and sometimes working on an abstract philosphical level:

  • The Ethos of Digital Environments: Technology, Litearary Theory, and Philosophy. Edited with Hanna-Riikka Roine. New York: Routledge: 2021.
  • Techniques en philosophie. Hermann, coll. Le bel aujourd'hui, Paris, 2020.
  • "Four Transcendental Illusions of the Digital World: a Derridan approach", article forthcoming in Research in Phenomenology.
  • From Technological Humanity to Bio-technical Life, a monograph manuscript that is ready and will be submitted after language checking.

Prof. Lindberg will draw freely from these works in order to show on a general level how contemporary technologies and especially digital technologies challenge ethical theories. Rather than enumerating different ethical problems rising from specific digital tools (although such things will be mentioned as examples), Lindberg will show why the entire philosophical discipline of ethics needs to change under the pressure of contemporary technology.

Three perspectives on ethics in the digital world will be distinguished:

The first is classical philosophical ethics that take the human being to be the free and conscious agent of its actions. Lindberg shows why this perspective is bound to either underestimate or overestimate the specific problems presented by contemporary technology.

The second examines ethics as a person's ethical character (ethos) or identity. It will be shown how technology contributes to identity-formation on an unconscious level that it is necessary, but difficult to encounter critically.

The third describes the environmentality of digital technologies by showing how technological environments must be distinguished both from political communities and from natural places.

Please email: lucdh@hum.leidenuniv.nl to register. We very much hope that you can join this live event in the brand new Digital Lab in P.J. Veth 1.07.  However, we will also be live-streaming on Kaltura, so please let us know if you will be attending in person or will need Kaltura Live Room login details.

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